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Clearing the path for your wireless microphones

The RF Spectrum available to operate your Wireless Microphones is shrinking….

…..and the number of devices using that shrinking spectrum is increasing. Digital TV channel re-packing has crowded the available spectrum. To further complicate the matter, wireless broadband companies (the folks who provide the services for the smart  phone in your pocket and the tablet you just sent the concert video on) already took the 700MHz band and want even more of the spectrum to be able to sign up even more subscribers.  Small Cell LTE and DAS technologies will exaggerate the problem in large audience venues.  In order to assure the best possible performance for your wireless microphones it is important to present only the signals of interest to your receiver.  Nearby signals, although not on the channel your receiver is tuned to may reduce the sensitivity of your wireless microphone receiver.  Lower receiver  sensitivity means more signal dropouts and reduced operating range. 

Make your wireless better Decades of RF engineering creating reliable communications equipment for military and space applications are behind CNK Engineering’s  RF solutions. Our equipment is designed to be drop in compatible with your existing FM and Digital UHF wireless microphones and instrument link equipment.